BarberPro "Top to Toe" Skin Renewal Kit

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Everything you need from your Top to your Toes,  to make you look and feel your very best. 

Totally cleanse, purify & detox your skin, with activated charcoal, with our Face Putty to clear your pours, then deep cleanse with the Foaming Cleansing Mask.

Sooth & calm you face & around  your eyes area with a shot of super hydration. The super-eye mask & the under eye mask with make your eyes sparkle.

The Post Shaving Cooling Mask will make share your skin is calm.

Finish off your "SPA DAY @ Home " with the Skin Renewing Foil Mask  packed with anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid & CQ10. You'll feel and look renewed.

Get your feet ready fore those long days on the beach.

The BarberPro Foot Peel for Men is like a in-home pedicure, removing hard skin * calluses from your feet. They'll be soft, smooth & ready for summer on the beach.

      Sizes Available

      7 Mask Set   |   250g

      To Cleanser, Detox & Purify 

      • 1 x Face Putty Sachet with Activated Charcoal
      • 1 x FOAMING MASK with Activated Charcoal


      • 1 x Under eye mask 
      • 1 x Super eye mask 
      • 1 x Post Shave Cooling Mask
      • 1 x Skin Renewing Foil Mask 

      Treat your Feet with an in-home pedicure 

      • Foot Peel for Men
      1. Apply the FOAMING MASK and leave on the face for 10 minutes until fully foamed, then remove and wash your face
      2. Apply the face putty to your face concentrating on problem areas. 
      3. Place UNDER EYE MASKS under the eyes ensuring the smallest end of the mask sits closest to the nose.
      4. Once the UNDER EYE MASKS are in place apply a thin layer of FACE PUTTY PEEL-OFF MASK around the T zone section of the face and around the UNDER EYE MASKS. 
      5. Apply the super Eye mask over the under-eye masks and wait 20 minutes.
      6. Wait 15-20 minutes until the Face Putty is fully dry and elastic, remove in an upward direction starting at the chin. 
      7. Remove the Super-eye mask, the under Eye-Masks  then clean your face with clean warm water and a flannel.
      8. Once the face is clear, apply the  Skin Renewing Foil Masks for 20 minutes.
      9. To use the Foot Peel for Men. Remove booties from pouch and cut along cutting lines. Wash feet thoroughly with clean water only. Dry feet thoroughly and place clean, dry feet into the booties. Wear for a maximum of 90 minutes. Remove booties and thoroughly wash hands and feet with water only.
      10. Now your done "TOP to TOE"

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